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State of the Art Swing Analysis


K-Vest is the industry leader in wireless, human motion learning for the sports, fitness and medical (physical therapy) industries. K-vest combines biomechanical sensors with specific software to create a highly reliable, easy to use assessment and training system to allow our athletes and patients  to feel better and play better faster. The K-Motion company works with PGA, MLB, NHL, Olympians and industry leading movement and fitness specialists and physical therapists.


K-Vest combines biomechanical sensor technology and advanced software to assess your movement patterns throughout movement screens, your swing, and various exercises. K-Vest can then have a set of baseline numbers to which you can improve on throughout training. K-Vest has a combination of biofeedback visual and auditory cues to allow you to utilize the right muscles and feel the right movements.

Learn more about K-Vest by visiting their website, K-Motion.

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